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Overall enrollment at Kent State slips, but main campus sets record

Beacon Journal staff report

KENT: Kent State University announced Tuesday that it set a record for enrollment at its main campus, but total enrollment systemwide dipped from 42,513 to 41,891.

The tax-supported university was among the first to report its fall census to the Ohio Board of Regents.

This year, KSU did not hold its ranking as the second largest university in Ohio.

The University of Cincinnati announced a record enrollment was of 42,241. Ohio State already has announced that it is bracing for a record enrollment surpassing 64,000.

At Kent, administrators said they attracted the largest and highest-achieving freshman class in the history of the main campus.

The number of freshmen grew 5.8 percent, to 4,314, while the average grade-point average was 3.3. The number of freshmen exceeded the previous record of 4,284 set in 2011.

KSU also said the number of international students grew more than 10 percent, to 2,447, and that it set a record in applications. Over the past five years, the number of applications has grown from 14,514 a year to 21,711 for this fall.

The University of Akron and other tax-supported universities will report their enrollments over the next couple of days.