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Gun regulation laws to be discussed at Kent City Council meeting

By Lance Lysowski staff

KENT: As the state of Ohio has become responsible for regulations for the sale and purchase of firearms, the city of Kent’s Department of Law is suggesting the city alter its codified ordinances pertaining to gun regulation.

Kent City Council will hear the proposal at its Monday meeting, which is a response to the state of Ohio adopting its newest gun legislation: Section 9.68 of the Ohio Revised Code. The statewide ordinance regulates locations of gun sales, carry and conceal permits, as well as granting the state full power in gun regulation.  The change reflects the need for a uniformed gun law across the state.

James Silver, law director of the city of Kent, recommended the change after Kent’s code does not follow the change at the state level.  Silver explained that six sections of the city’s Codified Ordinances needed to be repealed to reflect state laws.

The ordinances were originally created to regulate gun control in the city’s limits; with the Chief of Police having the power to accept of decline applications from citizens and business owners.  With national gun regulation becoming a hot-button issue, the issue is no longer dealt with locally.  The state of Ohio has the ultimate say in: License to sell weapons, application of gun sales licenses, revocation of licenses and issuing permits to buy weapons.