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Readers offer opinions on ‘Does It Work?’ products

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The Beacon Journal asked readers to share their opinions on the products we tested in today’s Does It Work? report.

Here’s what they said:

EZ keyboard

“I have recently purchased the EZ Eyes large-print keyboard for use here at work (at Weathervane Playhouse Theater’s box office). I have to say that I — and my co-workers — love it! The keyboard, at first, became a HUGE conversation starter when people saw it: What IS that? ... Why are those keys so BRIGHT? .... That’s COOL!

“Several weeks later — and after a LOT of use — I would say that everyone here loves it, including me. The only downside is that the keys do NOT have the same hard, tactile ‘snap’ of a more traditional keyboard. The EZ Eyes keyboard has a very, very soft touch as you type on it. It took me a short while to get used to that.

So ... my verdict is, ‘Snap it up!’ ”

— Keith Campbell, director

of audience development,

Weathervane Playhouse,


“I love it. It is so easy to use. Just plug in to the computer and it is ready to go. No muss, no fuss, just works great.”

­— Evelyn Hale,


“We have two of the EZ Eyes keyboards in our office and we LOVE them. The feel of the board itself is rubbery, but the keys are indented.

We have never used them in the dark, so I don’t know if ours truly glow, but the bright yellow keys really make it easier to see for our staff and have relieved headaches from constant work on the computer.”

— Angela Kurlich

Angle Insurance Agency,


“It is so much easier for my husband, and even me to use (my old one had the letters worn off from constant use), but I type without looking.”

— Charlotte A. Schmotzer,

Bath Township

“The color and the size of the print on the keys does make it easy to see. But the keyboard is very flimsy and some of the letters began to wear off after just two weeks. Wouldn’t recommend. For the price I paid, I could have replaced my old keyboard with something much better.”

— Yolanda Sparks,

Canal Fulton

Music Bullet

“My co-worker and I use a portable DVD player at our place of employment in a parking deck, and it is a very noisy place. It makes it very difficult to hear the audio on whatever shows/movies we are trying to watch. We have tried several types of external speakers that are made for iPods, computers, etc., but most of them were worse than just the regular speaker on the players.

“One of us finally bought a Magic Bullet after seeing it advertised on TV, and it is wonderful! It is possible for us to hear every word on most shows without even having to turn the volume up past 4 or 5 (out of 10), and the sound quality is very good.”

“It holds its charge well. Our two shifts add up to 12½ hours a day, and we usually only need to charge it twice a week.

“We would definitely recommend this product.”

— Cheryl Delaney,


“I was disappointed with it because the volume is too low and there is no way to adjust it, plus the battery does not last that long. I constantly need to charge it.”

— Donna McElwain,


Sticky Buddy

“I was hoping the Sticky Buddy would be my new buddy, but he turned out to be just another tool to take care of. Oh, he made a couple of passes that fancied me and picked up the cat hair, but after that he dried up. There was no attraction left.

So off we went to the sink. He did clean up fairly well (but not completely) — with hot water and a good amount of pressure behind it. (And what about the debris going down the drain?)

I tried to dry him off with one roll on a paper towel, but that somewhat negated the purpose of the shower in the first place.

Waiting for him to air dry is an option but inconvenient. Then it’s back to just a couple of passes and nothing more but a shower in store.

“Buddy, you’re not worth it.”

— Esther Post,

Bath Township

“I wasted my money on the Sticky Buddy. I used it on an upholstered chair to pick up dog hair.

After rinsing just a couple times under water, it ceased being sticky. Almost useless after that. It has a strip full of bumps to use for brushing, but it’s not secure enough and pulls off. It’s definitely a ‘skip it.’ ”

— Nancy Smith,